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Winter scenes usually have cooler tones in landscapes which give the image a fresh, clean appearance. 






Oh Dear!

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The Niagara deer population is declining due to illegal hunting, urban sprawl, and deforestation.  I photographed this 

lone deer at the Niagara Commons.  She was next to a dead kin a few meters away that was shot and carved up. 

We have to remember that we can't upset the balance of nature. 











Niagara River

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The Niagara River looks very peaceful in this photo compared the daily traffic this river has seen 

over the centuries. 








Canadian Geese

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The cold Arctic air is upon us once again. 






Welland Canal

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Welland Canal is like floating theatre. Frame by frame the picture changes. The time of day, and changing seasons all add to the impact of

 the scene.