May Day

June 05, 2018  •  4 Comments


May DayMay Day

The setting sun adds a warm romantic mood, to a stark outline of a neighbour gathering.  Perfect way to end a day!





Street Skate

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Street SkateStreet Skate

This was a fun scene to photograph, poetry in motion. 





Easter Hunt

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This years Easter Hunt was filled with enthusiasm, energy and vigour.  The event was filled with lots of 

support, fun, games and memories. 






Journey to the Unknown

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This photo was taken on the streets of San Francisco. The theme of the assignment was "Journey to the Unknown".  People enjoy their own space

in society with little interaction with the rest of the world.  I took this photo on positive film.  There is little latitude with film, so the exposure has to 

be right on. This image was displayed at the National Gallery in San Francisco and Rodman Hall. 







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Some intersections can be very busy even if there is no traffic.